Some Responses…


Claudia Casper:

From Gary Barwin, author of Yiddish For Pirates:

“I did come across this really insightful review/ essay concerning Yiddish for Pirates by Kerry Riley on her fantastic blog which I’m just discovering now. (I know, a blog isn’t real until it talks about me…) I’m really grateful for her perceptive examination of the novel from a number of different perspectives, including the motif of books, the repository of past narratives in our culture, and the notion of story which run throughout the novel.”

From André Alexis, author of Pastoral:

“I just wanted to thank you for what’s likely to be the most considered – and considerate – review my poor novel will get.”

From Dimitri Nasrallah, author of Niko:

From William Kowalski re: our review of The Hundred Hearts:

Kerry, thank you for this thoughtful and incisive review of my novel. It means a lot to me that you took this much time to write about a book that in itself took nearly eight years to complete. I’m very grateful.

From Tamas Dobozy on his  Siege 13 facebook page:

I just read the most incredible mini-essay on SIEGE 13 on the website, Kerry On Can Lit. I think it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever read about my work. Thank you, Kerry Riley, for taking the time and care.

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