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You’ve Seen It Before: Predictive Imagery in Michael Crummey’s Sweetland

As mentioned in the main review, Michael Crummey’s Sweetland is full of hints and suggestions of another reality beyond what we might consider the normal everyday — places which, as Moses, the protagonist notes, can’t be found on a map.  … Continue reading

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Crummey, Michael: Sweetland

Crummey, Michael Sweetland Doubleday Canada, 2014 HC, 318 pages Michael Crummey, now firmly established as one of our pre-eminent Canadian writers, has, throughout his career, explored, with extraordinary depth of perception, the peculiar and particular emotional ache that arises from … Continue reading

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Crummey, Michael: River Thieves

River Thieves Michael Crummey Doubleday Canada, 2001 Hardcover First published in Haliburton County Echo, County Life Summer, 2002 Review by: Kerry Riley It was the late 1700’s and the world sat uneasily on the cusp of the industrial revolution. A … Continue reading

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