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Dear Reader:

As a result of my penchant for perfectionism, even though the new review for Steven Hayward’s Don’t Be Afraid, is 99.99999999% complete, I can’t bring myself to publish it until it is 100%.  In the meantime, I thought I would pass on a few nuggets of CanLit news and gossip:

Word has it that Elizabeth Hay’s new novel, Alone in the Classroom is another triumph.  Any publication by Ms. Hay is much anticipated event at Kerryoncanlit, as she is one of a handful of writers we have followed avidly, since her debut novel A Student of Weather burst onto the scene in  2000, followed by the Giller-winning Late Nights on Air.

Early reviews are in:

The Globe and Mail
The Montreal Gazette
The Toronto  Star

I look forward to considering  Alone in the Classroom, in detail, this summer and passing my impressions along.

Canadian publisher McClelland  & Stewart has announced a new nonfiction series, Signal, due to launch in the fall.  The books by Canadian and international authors will focus on ideas, with the stated aim of “furthering the collective understanding about Canada and the world.”  Visit the accompanying website here, for more information about titles, etc.

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